Mi az a GDPR és miért fontos

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European privacy regulation. It is aimed at strengthening and aligning protection of personal data of all European residents. The regulation covers · acquiring, storing and usage of personally identifiable and sensitive data · puts forth rules for data controllers and processors on how to handle such data · enforces rights for individuals to acquire own personal data, have it corrected or removed when possible. In other words, the regulation gives European residents more control over their own personal data. GDPR is binding and applicable from 25th of May, 2018.

Benefits of GDPR

Strengthen individual's rights to protection of their data
Keep pace with technology, and enhance protection against unwarranted use of personal data
Harmonize data protection laws inside and outside the European Union

To whom does GDPR apply to?

The regulation rules apply to all entities who gather, store and process data of European citizens. This also includes companies that might be based outside of European Union. Any company that processes European citizen data is required to provide reasons for acquiring and processing data, document the processing process, ensure appropriate data handling security and discard or anonymize the data after the reasons for processing no longer apply.


Processor is a person or company who handles data on behalf of the controller. Tamigo is the processor of our customers’ data.


Data controller is someone or something who determines which data will be processed and how should the processing be performed. Tamigo customers are controllers of their own data.