Public libraries increase efficiency with help from the retail industry

hétfő, február 5, 2018

Libraries usually do not have much in common with retail. Nevertheless, a growing number of public libraries in Denmark are using the exact same online scheduling system as 7-Eleven, Triumph and other retail chains with several thousand employees.

The paper-schedule is scrapped

According to consultant at Gladsaxe Main Library, Lillian Kleivan Pedersen, who has the overall responsibility for making precise schedules for around 100 employees, Tamigo has resulted in a significant decrease of administrative time.

"I used to spend an awfully long time making schedules on paper – actually a full week per month," says Lillian Kleivan Pedersen and continues:

"Today we only spend a few hours each month updating the schedules and the digital templates, which are then deployed in a few clicks. The shifts are online right away and always available via web and app for smartphones," says consultant at Gladsaxe Main Library, Lillian Kleivan Pedersen.

Benefits employees and customers

She is convinced that other libraries can minimize time-consuming administration considerably by implementing online scheduling solutions. The system requires no installation or acquisition of IT equipment and can be acquired for a fixed, low monthly subscription.

At Tamigo, CEO Jakob Toftgaard is experiencing a growing interest from public institutions that want to minimize or even eliminate time-consuming manual tasks such as updating and maintaining handwritten schedules.

"Libraries and other public institutions are facing the same challenges as the retail industry, which is trying to make efficiency requirements go hand in hand with an optimized customer experience. Tamigo's focus on efficient scheduling and automation helps maintain a high level of customer service," says CEO of Tamigo, Jakob Toftgaard.

In addition to the libraries in Gladsaxe municipality several other public libraries in Denmark are now using Tamigo.