Payroll department

Tamigo ensures that all required information is compiled in a file for your payroll system each month and that all hours are summed up correctly. You can therefore generate a file via Tamigo where working hours, sick days, plus and minus hours etc. are available to you at just a few clicks.

Direct payroll export

Tamigo functions with most payroll systems in Denmark and a number of European countries. Tamigo offers effortless payroll export directly from Tamigo to your company's preferred payroll system.

Correct salary payments

Tamigo automatically controls every single payroll export for missing or incorrect data. Thus, the company prevents incorrect payments and unstable labor costs.

Safe validation of wage hours

Tamigo automatically creates higher wage hour validity, as the employees can continuously see their hours and get any errors corrected by their superior before the payroll process is activated. The payroll department always has an all-round overview of all wage hours for all involved parties

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