Save time and get an overview – Tamigo ensures that you as a planner are able to manage exactly how you spend your valuable time. Tamigo is an important tool in your daily efforts to optimise the operation of your company, increase your revenue and reduce labor costs.

Thorough communication

You can make your decisions on, for example, shift swap and absence, as and when it suits you. Once you have made your decision, the system handles the rest: The shift schedule is updated and the employees involved receive an SMS with your decision.

Keep track of operations with Tamigo App

Tamigo App gives you all the options and features you need in your company's daily operations. All process-related matters can be managed from the app which soon becomes an essential tool. Approve or reject bids for shifts, shift swaps or absence.

Intelligent shift schedule with an overview

As a planner you can immediately see the consequences of the authorised shift schedule compared to the budget. This makes it easy to conform with the financial strategy from the main office. You also avoid absence because the shift schedule is constantly updated.

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