Tamigo gives you all necessary preconditions for optimising operations at all levels in your company. No matter if you are COO for a small, medium-sized or large company, you need unrestricted access to the company's latest key performance indicators. Tamigo collects all relevant kinds of information of the desired KPIs in one place.

Focus your work

As one of only a few suppliers of workforce management systems Tamigo offers unrestricted access to information in the entire organisation. As COO, you can therefore quickly see which stores or departments need a focused effort.

Benchmarking at a few clicks

At a few clicks Tamigo gives you an overview of a number of KPIs, such as productivity per employee, revenue and labor costs. Therefore, as COO, you can always create a collective benchmark analysis for all departments on the basis of consistently updated figures.

Communication at all levels

Direct communication with all employees in all departments via the Tamigo info page, email or SMS is an integrated function in the Tamigo communication module. Moreover, Tamigo helps improve the dialogue with the individual store manager who can access all the relevant economy reports he needs.

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