The Tamigo HR functions do not just function as a management tool but represent central functions that are used daily at all levels in your organisation. HR solutions are normally instruments used by the management. The Tamigo HR functions enter into a dialogue with the employees on a daily basis and thus involve the employees extensively.

Autogenerate contracts

In Tamigo you can make contracts for the individual employee on the basis of the entered personal information. The contract can subsequently be saved in Tamigo to make it available online at any time for employees and management.

Create and save documents per employee

The HR department can easily create and save all the relevant documents required per employee in Tamigo. The management decides which documents the employees can access.

Create an overview of skills

Are the appropriate employees at work? In Tamigo you can easily assign skills to employees and ensure that the people with the required skills are at work when you need them. The skills overview is integrated in the shift schedule.

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