Tamigo gives management easy and direct access to all relevant information in the entire organisation and the chance to communicate directly with all employees in all departments. In addition, at any time all employees – regardless of company size – can access practical and strategic information that supports the company's overall objective with effective online staff management.

Communication always happens automaticly via texts and/or email. And you have consistent documentation that employees are updated about changes in the online shift schedule.


Integration with private calendars

You can automatically transmit your schedule to your private calendar, e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and iPhone Calendar. When the planner updates the schedule, your calendar will automatically be updated and show any changes in the shift schedule.

Digital bulletin board

Fast and focused communication with your employees. Use the bulletin board, which all employees see when they log on to Tamigo, to inform them about today’s competition, extended opening hours, social events, etc.

Show messages in the schedule

Use the calendar and keep your employees updated via their schedule so that they will always know when the next staff meeting is taking place.

Automatic shift reminders

You can easily set up Tamigo to send automatic shift reminders to your employees. This is an extra insurance that everyone is informed about their schedule and helps to avoid absence.

Focus on dialogue

The Tamigo communication module is an efficient shortcut to bringing employees closer to the company, as self-determination and dialogue is emphasised, rather than one-way communication.

Historical data for sent emails and SMSs

Wondering if your employees have received your latest SMS? In Tamigo you can easily document if your sent SMSs are sent correctly and received by your employees. The documentation is your and your employees' security in case of doubt.