Salary and time

Register your employees' actual working hours in the online timesheet and let Tamigo calculate the wage hours for you. Your employees can track their own hours and increase the chance of detecting errors before the hours are communicated to the payroll department.


Sick days

Add your employees' sick days in the timesheet with activities and make statistics on them and keep an overview of their absence.

Flex account

By means of the flex account both you and your salaried employees can easily get an overview of the employee's contract hours and see how the account is affected by the future plan.

Payroll export

With just a few clicks you can export actual hours worked and deferred working hours – these can be downloaded directly to your payroll system.

The time sheet – your guarantee for correct salary payments

The time sheet shows the planned shifts from the shift schedule and the actual hours worked. When the day is over, the planner can close the day, and the hours can subsequently be exported to your preferred payroll system. This is your guarantee for correct salary payments.

The time sheet gives you accurate financial reports

Closed days in the time sheet with actual shifts are the basis for the financial reports in Tamigo. Thus, if you have an updated time sheet, you can always access accurate reports that compare the budget to the actual figures.

Is my budgeted revenue and shift schedule sufficiently accurate?

Already the next morning you can see the wage percentage in the time sheet realised on the previous day, if your revenue is automatically uploaded to Tamigo. Labor costs are calculated on the basis of staffing, and with the actual revenue from the time sheet you can immediately see the day's wage percentage. If the wage percentage deviates significantly from the expected figure, you may want to reconsider the next days' shift planning.