Tamigo Touch Time Clock

More and more Tamigo customers use the digital and intelligent Tamigo time clock – Tamigo Touch. It enables the employees to clock in and out on all platforms at the workplace or via their own smartphone.


Save time and money

You only have to pay salaries for your employees' worked hours and your employees check in/out online without completing any forms manually.

Who is on duty?

If you use Tamigo Touch you can see which employees are on duty at any time – no matter where you are in the world.

Correct salary payments every time

Tamigo Touch enables your employees to immediately see the check in/out times on the timesheet in Tamigo. This validates the final payment of salaries and prevents conflicts.

Save money with accurate wage payments

Tamigo Touch is intelligent registration of hours worked. As an employer you can configure the time clock to match your company’s needs. Manage rounding rules, breaks and comments to the shifts in Tamigo Touch. Companies that use Tamigo Touch often find that they save on wage costs because the employees are paid for the actual working hours – no more, no less.

Manage your time

All clock-in and clock-out times including breaks are automatically entered in the company's time sheet. This saves you from time-consuming manual keying every day. Besides, you can be certain that the actual working hours in the time sheet are always correct. You determine the rounding rules for the clocking times and as an employer you can easily see which employees are on duty – no matter where you are in the world.

Use your smartphone as a time clock!

You can easily turn your employees' smartphones into Tamigo Touch online time clocks. The time clock is integrated in the Tamigo app – one of the most downloaded apps on the market – and works in the same user-friendly way as Tamigo Touch on e.g. a computer or tablet. Using the smartphone as a time clock provides companies that may not have a physical head office with a great opportunity to apply all the benefits of Tamigo Touch. It is also possible to restrict the use of Tamigo Touch for smartphones to one or more physical locations.