tamigo maintenance 2023.04.19

Dear Administrator in tamigo,

We would like to inform you of some upcoming infrastructure changes in tamigo that could affect your use of the solution. If in doubt, please forward this message to your IT department or let relevant people in your organization know.

On the 19/4 at 22:00 CET, the following changes will take effect to tamigo’s infrastructure:

1. We remove support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1. You may need to update your integrations with tamigo
If your organization has made custom integrations using our API, these integrations may need to be updated. After 19/4, if will only be possible to establish a secure connection with TLS version 1.2
TLS standards 1.0 and 1.1 have been marked as deprecated since March 2021 by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Removing support for the old TLS versions ensures that tamigo services are using industry standard security protocols.
This change will only affect api.tamigo.com. All other services have already been updated to TLS 1.2.
To help you verify that your integrations will continue to work after the 19/4, we have prepared a temporary endpoint which is already updated to TLS 1.2. You can find it at https://temp-api.tamigo.com. The endpoint is available from the 30.03.2023 untill the 20.04.2023.

2. tamigo changes our public IP-address
If your organization has a special firewall setup where websites need to be whitelisted, your IT department needs to add a new IP address for tamigo.
Our current inbound IP address is and we are calling other applications from one of these IP addresses:,,,,,,
The new IP addresses are as follows inbound and outbound,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Your IT department may have some firewall settings that they need to update.
It is possible to validate the new settings by visiting https://temp-api.tamigo.com or https://temp-app.tamigo.com which are already updated with the new addresses. The temporary endpoints are available from the 30.03.2023 till the 20.04.2023

3. Scheduled maintenance 19.04.2023 22:00 CET till 20.04.2023 02:00 CET
During the scheduled maintenance, tamigo may be slow to respond or unavailable for short periods. The maintenance will also be announced in the tamigo solution.
If you have integrations running within that timeframe, we advise that you change them to run outside of this maintenance window.

4. Tamigo status page
During the scheduled maintenance, updates can be received via our new status page: https://tamigo.statuspage.com. We will post information about changes to the tamigo infrastructure, scheduled maintenance. We would like to invite anyone interested in those topics to subscribe. Interested people can be informed via email, slack, webhooks, RSS Feed and Atom Feed. We will do our best to only post relevant content and no salespeople will contact you this way.

In case of questions please reach out to:
Tomaz Suen
DevOps Engineer

Best regards
your tamigo team