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How Lakrids by Bülow keep their employees in the loop 

The famous liquorice brand was struggling to reach staff with important news. Now everything’s centralised in tamigo, employees aren’t leaving things unread. 

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Customer since 2012 
Customer since2012 
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HQ Denmark
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Industry Retail

What they gained
with tamigo

Increased employee engagement  

Accurate digital time clock  

Transparent shift plans   

Liquorice. It’s not to everyone’s taste. But Lakrids by Bülow are working on changing that!  

The company has been winning over doubters with its gourmet confectionary since 2007. Founded on the Danish island of Bornholm, its distinctive jars can now be found in stores around the world. 

Part of that growth journey was upgrading its workforce management. Most of the scheduling of staff used to take place on paper. According to Retail Design Manager Anita Møllebro, this was both time-consuming and lacking in transparency.  

By switching to tamigo, Lakrids by Bülow moved the process into the cloud, with clean, digital schedules — accessible to everyone.  

tamigo has given both management and the employees an overview of schedules and wages, which we could not have gotten any other way.

Anita Møllebro
Retail Design Manager, Lakrids by Bülow

Alongside the schedules, tamigo’s app proved to be a huge hit for the HR department when it came to both time recording and internal communication.   

Employees can clock in and out via tamigo Touch, a digital timeclock. And suddenly they started engaging more with messages and news that the company sent out via tamigo. Anita says it’s been quite a shift.  

 "Before tamigo, we sent emails to the staff, but they almost never reacted to them." 

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