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Boost efficiency with cutting-edge supermarket software

Efficiently manage staff and lift productivity in your grocery chains with top-notch workforce management software.

Why leading supermarkets choose tamigo

With tamigo, Europe's grocery retail chains have embraced multidepartment workforce management, planning and reporting. 

The results? Reduced staff costs. Labour law compliance across markets. And a greater focus on retention via flexible scheduling and easy in-app communication. 

They’ve generated these changes company-wide. But also at the level of region, store and department within a store. 

Supermarket employees utilizing tamigo's workforce management software for efficient scheduling and communication in the grocery retail industry.

Make optimal scheduling
the norm in your grocery chain

Empower managers with modern supermarket management

Shift planning in tamigo is enriched with real-time KPIs,  budgets and sales analytics.  Through integrations, you can add even more data to the mix, including AI-powered workload forecasts. 

Store managers see the impact of every shift they assign as they plan the schedule, not afterwards.

A grocery employee looks in a fridge to check if the food products on hand match the recorded stock in the app.

Get a master view of performance

tamigo houses your most important operations' data in one platform. Wage percentages, staff costs per day, absence balances. 

These insights are accessible to the stakeholders who need them — from regional managers to HR — giving you greater operational transparency across your business. 

HR manager of a grocery retail store updates employee data in the supermarket software on her laptop.
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Planning is now fun and easy. And for our employees, the transparency over worked hours and salary is world class.

  Thomas S. via Capterra
Project Manager, International supermarket chain

Boost employee retention with efficient employee management

Give staff flexibility and clarity

In the tamigo app, employees can: 

  • See the always up-to-date schedule 
  • Swap shifts or request holidays 
  • Clock in and out with the app's time clock 
  • Message each other and their manager
Screenshot of a grocery retailer's supermarket software app showcasing the 'swap shifts' workforce management function for Monday, 16 July, on the left. On the right, an internal chat message between store manager Su and employee Jonas, discussing an early shift start.

Keep your workforce engaged

Managers and HR can: 

  • Instantly notify staff of changes to the schedule
  • Send out important updates — company-wide or per department
  • Track employee turnover and absence rates 
  • Give staff easy access to policies and contracts
Screenshot of a grocery retailer's supermarket software showcasing the email function in its workforce management module. The image displays options for filling out the department, position, subject, and message, along with the option to 'put myself in CC.'

Free guide to upgrading your workforce management

Learn how a WFM solution can optimise daily operations in your supermarkets. Includes a step-by-step look at implementation. 

The header image of the free guidebook 'Upgrade your workforce management' displayed on a laptop screen.

The complete package

tamigo combines every workforce management touchpoint in one, cloud-based platform.

Icon for shift planning and absence management on grey background.

Shift planning and absence management

The icon for time registration and employee time clicks on grey background.

Employee app and time clock

Icon for labour cost simulation and KPI reports on grey background.

Labour costs simulation and KPI reports

The icon for payroll, POS and ERP integrations on grey background.

Payroll, POS and ERP integrations

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