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Transform operations with advanced retail scheduling software

Turn your workforce management into a competitive advantage with our cloud-based employee scheduling solution for retail. Maximise productivity, retain employees and comply with labour laws. 

Why retailers choose tamigo

tamigo's cloud-based retail scheduling software optimises employee retention in retail companies across Europe.  

With our workforce management you empower all stakeholders – from HR and Payroll to district and store managers – to make better decisions. Whether that’s smart employee scheduling, transparent internal communication, or data-driven decision-making.  

Meanwhile, in-store employees benefit from a user-friendly mobile app for seamless communication and self-service.

Save time, reduce admin and increase engagement

Give your managers optimised scheduling tools

Shift planning in tamigo is based on firm data, not intuition.  

Incorporate sales, budgets, forecasted demand and key KPIs — such as labour costs, off-floor percentage and sales per total hours — into your scheduling. It’s the complete picture managers need to maximise efficiencies and minimise under- or overstaffing.   

Once schedules are made, managers have control over changes, absences and shift swaps. Staff themselves can bid on available hours or exchange shifts.

It’s less manual admin for everyone, more flexibility and a more engaged workforce.

Optimise processes company-wide

Streamline country-specific payroll and HR policies with tamigo's retail scheduling and management software.

Combined with precise time and attendance reporting, this saves you vast amounts of time. And ensures accurate wages for all employees.

The best part? You can integrate tamigo seamlessly with your POS, but also any other software solution – from HR and ERP systems to recruiting, and learning platforms.  This way you establish a seamless flow of operational data across your entire company.

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Today, when someone calls the head office, we can look into the same system together. The paper is gone and everything runs digitally. This ensures more relaxation, transparency, security and trust for our employees.

  Philipp Schockenhoff
HR team leader, Bijou Brigitte 

Engage your employees

Transparency and flexibility throughout your company

With tamigo, district and store managers can: 

  • Reach employees via SMS, notifications or in-app messaging 
  • Post announcements to specific departments or groups of employees 
  • Notify staff immediately of changes to schedules 
  • Comment on shifts (e.g., "Please promote the new collection")  
  • Compare staff turnover and absences across locations 

Trust and self-service for employees

In the tamigo app, employees can:

  • Access a digital, always up-to-date shift plan
  • Manage their absences and holidays
  • Check in and out to shifts via the mobile time clock
  • Chat one-to-one with colleagues and managers
  • Stay informed on company news and real-time updates

Free workforce management checklist for retail

Looking at the workforce management software market for retail and feeling overwhelmed? We’ve compiled a handy checklist with 32 essential capabilities that your software needs.

The complete package 
for retail companies

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Staff scheduling and absence management

Icon of employee app and digital time clock for retail on grey background.

Employee app
and digital time clock

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Payroll simulation, custom KPIs and reports

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Payroll, POS
and ERP integrations

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