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Employee scheduling
that leaves nothing to chance 

Keep every location on track with data-driven staff scheduling. Automatically factor in KPIs, working time rules and AI-driven optimisations.

Ideal for retail and
hospitality chains


With optimal employee scheduling, you avoid under- or overstaffing. Keep labour costs stable and service levels high. 


tamigo flags potential worktime infractions during planning. Lift the burden of compliance off your HR team’s shoulders.


Make organising worklife easier for staff, with in-app shift swaps and instant notifications of schedule changes.


Gain new
planning insights 

View every one of your locations’ schedules in real-time. Enhance collaboration between regional and general managers and establish best planning practises.  

Screenshots of employee scheduling software displaying the weekly schedule for the week of 30 January 2023. The selected option 'this department' allows for focused staff scheduling, making it efficient employee scheduling software.


Enhance employee

Guide managers’ planning with real-time KPIs, so they can improve operational efficiency. tamigo also offers AI-backed shift generation ⁠— high-quality shifts at the touch of a button.

Screenshot of employee scheduling software showing the week of August 1st, 2021. The shifts for each day are displayed separately, along with staffing profiles of the entire retail workforce.


Cast a compliance
safety net  

tamigo is configurable to contracts and agreements — national and international. With these rules in place, compliance is automated across markets.   

Screenshot of employee shift schedule in tamigo’s comprehensive workforce management software. Staffing profiles statistics are shown above each day’s shifts. A warning message indicates that the employee will have 13.00 working hours for the day if approved, exceeding the maximum allowed of 10.00 hours.


Give staff
more flexibility  

Employees’ expectations around working hours have changed. Help them balance life and work, with easy shift bids, swaps and holiday requests — in one intuitive app.

 Screenshot of tamigo’s employee scheduling app, showcasing the 'swap shifts' workforce management function for Monday, 16 July, on the left. On the right, the pending approval for the shift swap by the manager.
quote (2)


tamigo has given both management and the employees an overview of schedules and wages, which we could not have gotten any other way.

  Anita Møllebro
Retail Design Manager, Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Staff scheduling software

for deskless workers

A person holding a phone with the staff scheduling software's rota function open, displaying the employee schedule for Boutique 1A on Monday, January 16th, and Tuesday, January 17th.


For managers 

Most managers prefer to do their core scheduling in tamigo at a computer. But when they’re on their feet, the app comes into its own.

In a few of taps, they can edit shifts, manage bids or swaps and more.

For employees

With a clear overview of shifts in their pocket, staff are never in doubt about when or where they’re working next.

Whenever changes are made, they’re instantly notified.

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