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Upgrade your workforce management

How a WFM solution can unify retail operations.


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What's inside?

A way forward to better workforce management.

Retail businesses have long accepted the headaches of scheduling staff. Huge spreadsheets. Outdated, on-site software.

A cloud-based solution is a breath of fresh air. It’s one system that encompasses everything from shift planning to KPI reporting. And gives you new data insights to drive your growth.

Learn how your business can make the upgrade, step-by-step.

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This guide includes:

The benefits of workforce management solutions vs. older systems or Excel.

A detailed walkthrough of the implementation process. 

Customer case: What benefits ALDI Denmark saw with a new WFM solution.

Key takeaways

1. Be clear about why you’re switching

The solution has to fit your needs... not the other way around. So get those needs clearly defined.

  • The KPIs you want to optimise
  • Your current systems and how they’ll integrate
  • Requirements around support and training

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2. Set yourself up for success

Make sure you’ve got all the pieces in place for a positive implementation period.

  • Assign an implementation team to take ownership
  • Educate your staff about the upcoming switch
  • Prepare and aggregate your company’s existing data

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3. Keep an eye on how things go

Once the solution is live company-wide, it’s important to track the results.

  • Analyse the impact on your operations
  • Monitor how well staff are using it
  • Set-up ongoing training or refresher courses

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