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Time and attendance
that you can rely on 

Track and analyse actual worked hours — not just planned ones.
Includes absence management and a digital employee time clock.

Ideal for retail and
hospitality chains


tamigo’s time and attendance integrates with whatever time clocks you use, including tamigo Touch.


Send data on clock-ins/outs and breaks straight into timesheets. Ready to validate and export to your payroll provider.  


With a clear view of planned vs. actual hours, your business can make smarter scheduling decisions going forward.


Simplify working
time compliance 

Configure tamigo so that breaks and rounding rules are applied to employees’ hours if required. Comply with national and international rules automatically.  

The rounding up function of tamigo’s time and attendance feature, providing efficient employee time clock management and absence management.


Get an in-built
employee time clock 

With tamigo Touch, your staff can check in and out on tablets, computers or their own smartphones. Packed with additional features, including geofencing.

Screenshot of tamigo's time clock function for employees, enabling seamless clocking in to their shifts using the tamigo app.


payroll errors  

No more missing timesheets or incorrectly recorded overtime. It’s easy to review and make amendments to every location’s records. Then export to payroll in one click!   

Screenshot of the overview of hours for employee Ivy Evans, displaying 40 contract hours and 39 worked hours, resulting in a difference of -1.


Manage absences
with ease  

Time and attendance in tamigo also includes absence management. Maintain real-time holiday calendars and visualise absence trends over time.

Screenshot of the absence percentage in tamigo’s time and attendance feature, showcasing powerful absence management capabilities.
quote (2)

Thanks to the digital processes and communication in tamigo, branches have significantly more freedom when it comes to vacation management of their employees.

Philipp Schockenhoff
HR Team Leader, Bijou Brigitte

Time and attendance that
works with any time clock

Employee clocking out of a shift using tamigo's digital time clock for efficient time tracking.

Many of our customers use tamigo’s in-built time clock, tamigo Touch.

But we also connect time and attendance with any existing time clock solutions or providers you may have, keeping your security protocols unaltered. 

Our API and integration experts have you covered.

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