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Your complete workforce
management solution 

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Shift planning shouldn’t come down to intuition. Make sure you always have employees where and when they’re needed, with tamigo’s data-based and automated scheduling.  

  • Generate efficient and compliant schedules in minutes 
  • Factor in KPIs, costs and working time laws automatically 
  • Boost employee satisfaction with modern self-service tools 

Time and attendance

tamigo lets you maintain a complete record of worked hours — not just planned ones — in compliance with all your markets’ labour rules. Absence management is made simple too!  

  • Let employees clock-in/out on their phones with tamigo’s time clock 
  • Send time registrations directly into timesheets, ready for validation 
  • Easily manage holidays and view absence trends over time 

Payroll exports

Preparing payroll is time-consuming and open to human error. tamigo takes on the heavy lifting, sorting worked hours into all the right wage components — for every market.  

  • Avoid errors in payslips with a high validity of data 
  • Ensure compliance to local and international labour laws 
  • Export to your payroll software of choice in one click 

HR data

Maintaining core employee data has never been easier! tamigo integrates with you HR and payroll systems, becoming the one place to manage contract types, wage codes and absences.

  • Save time by automatically generating employment contracts 
  • Dig into reports on staff turnover, labour and absence trends 
  • Increase employees’ engagement with a user-friendly work app 


Make tamigo your hub for all internal communication. From instant messaging to uploading documents, it’s simple to share news and updates — and to be sure that everyone sees it! 

  • Give staff easy access to HR docs and product info 
  • Centralise manager and employee communication on one app 
  • Share news across the company or to specific departments 

KPIs and reporting

With tamigo, key numbers and reports are integrated seamlessly into daily work. Get rid of information silos and empower everyone to make better, data-driven decisions.  

  • Help managers to better plan towards KPIs and budgets 
  • Make it easy for Finance and Hr to benchmark locations 
  • Export data from or import data into tamigo via web services 

Mobile app

Your employees will love the tamigo mobile app — the modern way to organise work life! It’s packed with self-service options and designed for the needs of deskless workers.

  • Make it simple for staff to swap shifts and request holidays 
  • Reach your workforce instantly with in-app announcements 
  • Build your reputation as an employee-friendly business 

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