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HR operations
that drive success

Manage core employee data in one, cloud-based solution. Dive into HR reporting, prepare payroll and empower employees with modern WFM.

Ideal for retail and
hospitality chains


With tamigo, all contract types, absences and wage codes live in the same place. Any updates made sync to your HR and payroll software.


Pull all manner of reports on staff turnover and company performance. Cut out the hassle of HR analytics and discover new insights to drive your company forward.


Outdated software and processes don’t fly with today’s workforces. Modernise their day-to-day. Promote work life balance with self-service tools.


HR reporting 

Drill down on the numbers that matter: staff turnover, absences, labours costs. View these reports inside tamigo or export the data to your BI system.   

Screenshot of an employee schedule in week 12, showcasing planned and worked shifts of various employees.


contracts automatically 

Utilise employee data in tamigo to generate contracts and other HR docs. Create templates for every different contract type — improving operational efficiency company wide. 

Screenshot of tamigo’s HR reporting function, showcasing the 'generate contracts' feature. Users can choose the employee, contract type, and fill in standard information to create contracts effortlessly.


Increase employee
satisfaction and trust  

Make requesting a holiday or swapping a shift a breeze through the tamigo mobile app. And let staff review and update their personal data.   

Screenshot of tamigo’s HR app, featuring the 'swap shifts' workforce management function for Monday, 16 July, on the left. On the right, the pending approval for the shift swap by the manager.


Supercharge your
payroll process  

Minimise the work involved in preparing payroll. Automatically calculate hours for all your markets and export to your payroll software of choice.

Screenshot of tamigo’s HR reporting feature 'payroll exports,' showcasing options to choose the payroll system, department, period, and contract type for efficient payroll processing.
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Regardless of country and culture, our initial impressions - that tamigo is a user-friendly planning tool for all our employees – has been confirmed.

  Anette Sørensen
International HR Manager, Bolia

Digital signatures
in tamigo 

An employee holding a phone with the staff scheduling software's rota function open, displaying the employee schedule for Boutique 1A on Monday, January 16th, and Tuesday, January 17th.


Paperless and legally binding

Generate, send, approve and store electronically signed HR documents in one easy workflow. All without leaving tamigo.

This end-to-end digitalisation saves your business time and resources. And staff and managers get a frictionless signing experience.

Employee contracts are the primary use case, making it ideal for retailers with large, hourly workforces.

 HR Integrations for seamless
analytics and operations

Logo of the tamigo integration Nmbrs.
The logo of the tamigo integration Sympa.
The logo of the tamigo HR integration ADP.
The logo of the tamigo HR integration HR2day.
The logo of the tamigo HR integration sdworx.
AFAS software logo.
The logo of the tamigo HR integration HR Manager by Talentech.

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