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Internal communication tools to engage your workforce 

Make communication in your company transparent, centralised and secure! Quickly share information and empower managers to engage with staff.

Ideal for retail and
hospitality chains


Make schedules and timesheets crystal clear for all stakeholders. And automatically send notifications in case of changes.


Increase your control and oversight by gathering all internal communication onto one platform.


tamigo’s internal communication tools are fully GDPR-compliant and come with security features such as SSO. 


Reach your
entire workforce  

Post important announcements on tamigo’s front page — to the entire company or per department or location. Send out SMSs or use the staff messaging app tamigo Chat.   

Screenshot of tamigo’s internal communication tools, showcasing the email function for seamless communication. Users can fill out the department, position, subject, and message, and even 'put myself in CC' using this staff messaging app.


Increase employee

Give workers a quick and secure way of contacting colleagues and managers. Let them add comments to shifts, access product information and more.

Screenshot of tamigo's internal communication tool 'tamigo Chat,' showcasing an in-app conversation between Su and Jonas discussing an earlier shift start.


Build a company
knowledge hub  

Add relevant documents to tamigo where everyone can find them. It’s the perfect place to store employee handbooks, HR policies and product info.

Screenshot of tamigo’s easy internal communication tools, featuring the document function displaying two important documents: 'Security Updates' and the 'Employee Handbook'.
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We easily communicate important news and engagement initiatives such as the employee of the month on the front page. It's great to be able to reach all employees through tamigo.

  Ronny Wilke​
Administration Manager, Hotel des Nordens

Staff messaging app
with tamigo Chat

Employee Jonas holding a phone, displaying a chat conversation with his store manager Su discussing an earlier shift start.

Say goodbye to scattered chats across emails, social media and SMS!

Our instant messaging tool tamigo Chat facilitates easy internal communication between staff and managers — becoming the hub for all work-related chats and news.

Employees can write one-to-one with colleagues and managers. Admins can post announcements to individuals, specific departments or the whole company.

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