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How Triumph gets new visibility over its operational KPIs 

Lingerie brand Triumph was already using tamigo in its Danish stores. So, when the brand’s Benelux operations needed a recommended WFM Solution, they didn’t need to look far.  

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Customer since 2013
Customer since2013
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What they gained
with tamigo

Real-time KPI reports 

One-click payroll exports 

Every manager knows how hard it is to get an overview of KPIs in Excel.  

Not only are sheets prone to errors, but they rarely surface valuable insights without needing a lot of time invested in them. That’s time that Triumph’s Benelux’s HR team didn’t want to waste.  

After opting for tamigo’s cloud-based solution, things are a lot clearer. HR Operations Specialist Lia Vos says that with just a few clicks, tamigo gives Triumph Benelux insights into budgets, productivity, wage percentage, revenue and labour costs. This makes it easy to benchmark the performance of all their Triumph stores. 

“Being responsible for the payroll, I save a lot of time with tamigo. I can easily export all necessary components for the monthly salary from tamigo to our payroll system.”

Lia Vos
HR Operations Specialist, Triumph Benelux 

Speedier payroll processing 

KPIs is one time-consuming HR task. Processing payroll is another. In larger companies, it can take days every month.  

tamigo automatically sorts worked hours into all the right elements, such as overtime, night hours, bank holidays, etc. 

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