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How Salomon modernised its operations in France and internationally

Salomon, the French outdoors sports brand, use tamigo across 11 European markets. They’re optimising productivity without compromising their company’s family spirit.

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What they gained
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Salomon was founded in Annecy, a city known as the “pearl of the French Alps”, in 1947.
Ski edges were its first product, but it has since flourished into a global leader in sporting goods. 
And while its synonymous with winter sports, the brand also caters to trail runners, hikers and urbanites.

“Our locations are increasingly in city centres,” says Salomon’s Global Senior Retail Operations Manager Michaël Amsellen. “Paris, Barcelona, Lyon, Munich. We can say that we are bringing the mountains to the city centres”.

Salomon’s products are distributed in 200 countries, and in Europe alone, it operates 54 brick and mortar stores. But HQ is still in Annecy. Michaël says it’s important to stay there.

“It's where it all started and where it continues to live on through the people of Annecy. But it's also a privileged place to think, create, innovate, imagine and test the products of tomorrow because we have the perfect playground for it.”

Michaël Amsellen
Global Senior Retail Operations Manager, Salomon

Exploring the path
towards digitalisation

Since its founding, Salomon has never stopped innovating. In recent years, that’s meant embracing digitalisation. The company’s omnichannel strategy is evident in its dynamic social media accounts but also the in-store experience.

"We’ve equipped all our points of sale with a digital catalogue to allow consumers to shop for products that are not physically present. In our flagship shops, it’s even possible to have your foot scanned in 3D to find the right shoe models."

This incorporation of technology also extends to stores’ workforce management.

Man sitting in sports stadium wearing clothes made by tamigo custom Salomon.

"Before we set up a very strong partnership with tamigo, we had a rather rudimentary approach. Everything related to personnel administration was done via Excels files. So, it wasn’t very flexible and not uniform from one shop or country to another.”

Michaël Amsellen
Global Senior Retail Operations Manager, Salomon

A bright, collaborative
future ahead

The implementation of tamigo in Salomon’s European stores was completed in October 2022.
Michaël led the project from the beginning.

“It's a starting point for the future in the management of hours, schedules and the optimisation that we want to make in the long term.”

While it’s still relatively early days for the partnership, tamigo has proved a hit with Salomon’s teams.

Used by employees on the floor, but also HR, Finance and the retail Operations team, it’s successfully fulfilled all their different needs, while increasing transparency and collaboration. This was Salomon’s most important criteria from the beginning.

"We may be an international company, but we still want to remain agile and flexible in our approach, while keeping this family spirit. It’s one of our brand’s strongest values, and we want to be as close as possible to our teams. It's not a question of distancing ourselves — quite the contrary.”

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