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How the Hotel des Nordens saves time and money in peak and low season 

In the face of big seasonal swings, the popular German hotel has focussed on making scheduling more demand-orientated.

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More cost-efficient schedules 

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Improved payroll controls 

Germany’s Hotel des Nordens has been inviting holidaymakers to relax and explore the picturesque Baltic Sea coast since the 1960s.Located near the Danish border, the hotel is the ideal starting point to discover the nearby the harbour city of Flensborg. 

Summer peak season always used to bring challenges around absence management and staff scheduling. As former General Manager Ricco Alvarez recalled, this was because the previous workforce management was a mix of Excel and an old-fashioned time clock. 

To change this, the hotel – which is a long-standing member of the hotel operator HR Group – opted for tamigo's seamless and digital workforce management in 2010. 

According to Ronny Wilke, Administration Manager, the switch has paid off. 

“tamigo has saved us a huge amount of time that we had to spend before we started using the solution."   

Ronny Wilke
Administration Manager, Hotel des Nordens 

More efficiency through optimised staff scheduling 

Hotel Des Nordens used spreadsheets for shift planning. Accordingly, it was difficult to schedule efficiently and to demand, but that’s changed with tamigo.  

"Thanks to the transparency and quick overview in tamigo, all planners can make quick and effective decisions,"  Ronny tells us. "At the end of the week, they can see the current flex level of the employees and have control over all wage limits – without having to do the calculations themselves. 
The clear overview and data-based efficiency gains are also a tremendous help for other departments.  

It’s much easier and clearer for management to get an overview of the shifts. And the HR department benefits from the well-organised storage of all payroll data and easy exports to Excel or PDF. 

Exterior and swimming pool of tamigo customer Hotel des Nordens.

"In a nutshell, tamigo is incredibly helpful for controls, budget checks as well as any payroll activities.

Ronny Wilke
Administration Manager, Hotel des Nordens 

More engagement through better communication  

In addition to effective staff scheduling, Hotel des Nordens has been able to put an even greater focus on smooth HR management. After all, an excellent guest experience stands and falls with engaged employees.  

"Our employees are significantly more motivated and satisfied. There are many reasons for this. For example, the uncomplicated absence request, the simple shift swap, the transparency of our flex accounts and all the information they now receive."  

In addition, the hotel has a special focus on uncomplicated and transparent communication: 

"Our communication has definitely improved,” Ronny says. Today, we easily communicate important news and engagement initiatives such as the employee of the month on the front page. It's great to be able to reach all employees through tamigo."

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